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Workforce Intelligence Trends in 2024 By Industry

As we continue into 2024, it's essential for industry professionals to understand the latest workforce intelligence trends shaping their respective sectors. This blog post will provide valuable insights into workforce intelligence trends across various industries, offering a comprehensive understanding of current and emerging trends. This blog post is part 2 of a 3-part series surrounding workforce intelligence trends in 2024. See part 1 here, and keep an eye out for part 3!

Industry Shifts in Workforce Intelligence Trends

The workforce landscape is undergoing significant changes driven by technological disruptions and evolving societal values. To thrive in this evolving environment, businesses and job seekers must proactively adapt to current and emerging trends. We are entering an era where sustainability practices, AI and ML integration, and generational technological proficiency are not only reshaping how we work but also redefining the workforce and the nature of work itself.

With the increasing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, companies are now evaluating success beyond traditional financial metrics. This shift towards sustainability is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity, influencing hiring practices and business operations. Organizations that align ESG values with their core missions are not only enhancing their brand reputation but also attracting top talents seeking purpose-driven work.

The forefront of this transformation is sustainable technology, which plays a key role in promoting ecological balance and protecting human rights. In a digital age, companies are expected to adopt eco-friendly practices within their IT ecosystems. Gartner's prediction that executive compensations will soon be tied to the impact of sustainable technology is indicative of the inevitability of this shift.

The increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is significantly reshaping business operations and strategies. This trend underscores the burgeoning demand for professionals skilled in navigating and leveraging these domains, fueling innovations across all sectors. Job market data shows a steady rise in AI-related positions, particularly in Computer Hardware and Marketing & Advertising. This presents an opportune moment for employers to invest in AI talent to maintain a competitive edge.

The incoming workforce, often referred to as "digital natives," expects a work environment where AI is seamlessly integrated into their daily tasks. Companies are adapting their environments and tools to resonate with this next-generation workforce, bridging the gap between innovation and practical implementation. However, the recent decrease in remote job postings, with a 10% dip since the peak in July 2022, suggests a shift back to traditional onsite models. This adjustment reflects the dynamic interplay between the possibilities of technology and the human aspect of work. 

Top 10 Industries by New Job Postings

As we continue into 2024, our data-driven findings offer an intriguing insight into the ever-evolving job market. In this analysis, we will explore the trends within the industries that are boasting the most new job postings, supported by relevant statistics.

Staffing & Recruiting

Staffing and recruiting have become essential components of employment strategies across all industries, and their importance continues to grow. The current market is undergoing a significant transformation, shifting focus from retention, which was the top priority in 2023, back to acquisition. This change is driven by talent shortages in numerous sectors, placing increased pressure on staffing and recruiting professionals to source the necessary talent for critical positions.

In January, the staffing and recruiting sector experienced a 3% rise in recruiting activity, possibly reflecting shifting workforce needs or deliberate recruitment strategies. This industry consistently dominates job posting volumes, indicating a robust job market and a high demand for talent. Moreover, there was an uptick in job postings in January compared to previous months, suggesting evolving workforce demands or strategic recruitment efforts.

Hospital & Healthcare

The year 2024 is expected to experience a significant rise in the demand for healthcare professionals, reflecting the growing emphasis on health and well-being in an aging population. In January, the industry saw a noteworthy 5% increase in job postings, signaling heightened interest and suggesting a potential resurgence or strategic realignment within the healthcare sector.

IT & Services

In today's tech-driven world, the field of information technology (IT) remains a driving force for innovation and job opportunities. The growing shift towards digitalization has created a strong demand for IT professionals capable of navigating the complexities of our increasingly digital future.

This trend is evident in the sector's 8% increase in job postings in January, reflecting a robust expansion fueled by technological advancements and the rising need for digitalization. Additionally, the IT industry is experiencing significant growth in AI-related roles, further highlighting its status as a high-growth field.


The retail industry continues to be a major source of employment, capitalizing on both its traditional physical presence and its adaptability to online commerce. Despite facing changes in consumer habits and technology, retail remains a key contributor to job opportunities.

Recruiting in the retail sector decreased by approximately 2% at the beginning of the year, possibly indicating challenges or strategic adjustments taking place within the industry.


The digital realm is continuously growing, creating more job opportunities within Internet-focused companies. This is where creativity, strategy, and technology come together to pioneer new virtual frontiers of commerce, connection, and content. In January 2024, the Internet sector ranked among the top 10 industries for new job postings, reaching #6 with a 12% increase since December 2023. Furthermore, it was also among the top 5 industries for new AI job postings in January, despite maintaining the same level as the previous month.


The construction industry, both literally and figuratively, plays a crucial role in shaping societies, and its momentum continues into 2024. With cities expanding and infrastructures modernizing, the demand for construction professionals has never been higher. In fact, the industry remains in the top 10 for new job postings, currently holding the #5 position with a remarkable 29% growth since December 2023.

Marketing & Advertising

The fusion of marketing and advertising remains captivating, blending strategic thinking with creative expression to drive engagement in a competitive and easily distracted marketplace. Although the industry dropped from the top 10 job posting rankings in January, it has experienced significant periods of growth. Notably, AI-related job postings in this sector decreased by 17% in January, following a substantial 73% surge in December. This decline is likely a necessary adjustment after the previous rapid expansion.

Government Administration

Administrative roles in government are crucial for maintaining societal function and stability. However, recruitment activities in this sector are closely tied to fiscal calendars and budget allocations, leading to fluctuating trends. In January, there was an 8% decrease in recruitment activity compared to the rest of the year. Despite this, the government sector still ranked among the top 10 industries for new job postings, securing the #9 spot.


Following the resolution of the UAW strike, the automotive industry has been reflecting on and redefining its hiring practices and labor relations. Before the strike was resolved, there were noticeable changes in the automotive hiring landscape, affecting job postings and employment trends. The industry experienced a marked rise in job openings, reflecting a strong job market, particularly in the growth of AI-related roles within this sector.

Financial Services

The financial services industry, crucial for driving economic activity, is undergoing diversification due to fintech innovation and regulatory changes. This intersection of financial expertise and transformative technology is creating new and exciting career prospects. In fact, the sector ranked among the top 10 industries for new job postings, experiencing a significant increase of 29% in new job postings from December 2023 to January 2024, landing it at the 10th spot.

The Big Picture: 2024 Job Posting Trends

Several key geographical and sector-specific trends are shaping the current job market landscape. First, there is a noticeable decrease in remote job postings, dropping from 41% to 31%, indicating a potential return to traditional work settings following the pandemic. Additionally, AI job postings have stabilized, suggesting a consistent demand, especially within the Computer Hardware and Marketing & Advertising sectors. Moreover, recent data for January reveals varying levels of recruitment activity, with a surge in IT services and a slowdown in government administration.

Discover more in our upcoming blog next week, which will take a closer look at other workforce intelligence trends like compensation equity and DE&I prevalence.

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