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Strategic Workforce Insights for June 2024

At Aura, we continuously monitor the evolving trends that shape the economy and the world of work by analyzing millions of unique data points. Our latest analysis reveals significant trends poised to impact enterprises and the economy throughout 2024.

Understanding workforce and economic trends is critical for making investment and management decisions adequately adapted to the rapidly changing corporate landscape. Don’t miss out—harness the potential of credible workforce intelligence with Aura to make insights-driven decisions, develop future-fit strategies, increase productivity, and uncover new opportunities.

Continue reading to explore workforce intelligence trends and gain valuable insights from our proprietary research and data analytics.

1. Top Industries by New Job Postings

With Aura’s advanced analytics, businesses can explore sector-specific trends in near real-time, identifying which industries are experiencing growth or contraction. This platform capability allows companies to tailor their investment or management strategies and stay ahead.

Analyzing the top industries by new job postings provides a window into the evolving demand for talent across sectors. Here are the significant highlights:

  • Tech & Finance: Internet and Financial Services posted strong job growth, with double-digit gains this month (13.4% Internet and +10.2% Financial Services). The increases may indicate greater investments and confidence in new technological advancements like artificial intelligence.
  • Staffing & Recruiting: Dominates with 93% open positions but saw an 8.9% decrease from last month. This may indicate a dynamic yet challenging landscape for talent acquisition professionals or a reduced demand for agency recruitment services.
  • Hospital & Healthcare: With 92% open positions and a 9% increase, the healthcare sector continues to grow, reflecting ongoing demand for health services.
  • Human Resources: Despite having 97% open positions, a notable 16.8% decline suggests potential restructuring or strategic shifts in HR departments and general corporate streamlining efforts.
  • IT & Services and Construction: Both sectors maintain high levels of open positions (92% and 93%, respectively), with minimal fluctuations, indicating steady demand with minor decline.


2. Remote Job Trends

By analyzing job posting data, Aura’s platform offers detailed insights into remote work trends, helping professionals adapt their workforce strategies and understand macro changes in the labor market. 

The remote job market has seen substantial shifts over the past six months. The percentage of new remote jobs to total jobs has steadily increased, highlighting a significant trend towards remote work.

  • Remote jobs had a breakout month in May, following a significant rise in April.
  • From December to May, the percentage of new remote jobs has consistently risen, peaking in May at 7.5% of total job postings.
  • This trend underscores the growing acceptance and integration of remote work models across various industries.

3. Remote Jobs - Percentage Change in New Jobs Added

Using Aura’s platform, we can also pinpoint which sectors are successfully transitioning to remote work and adjust their operations accordingly. Different industries are experiencing varying degrees of growth in remote job postings:

  • Staffing & Recruiting: Leading the charge with a 13.8% increase, reflecting the adaptability of the recruitment sector to remote work.
  • Hospital & Healthcare: A remarkable 24.1% increase may indicate a significant shift towards telehealth and remote healthcare services.
  • Human Resources: Witnessing a substantial 49.1% increase, suggesting a strategic move towards remote HR operations.

Conversely, some sectors, like Law Enforcement and Individual and family Services, saw declines of 52% and 38%, respectively, pointing to the challenges these fields face in adapting to remote work or their lack of suitability for virtual work.

4. Geographic Trends in Job Postings

Aura’s advanced geographic analytics provide a clear view of regional job market dynamics and help identify potential high-growth areas. 

Geographic data reveals regional trends and variations in job postings:

  • North America: Leads with an 8% increase in new job postings, indicating robust economic activity and talent demand.
  • EMEA: Experienced a moderate 4% decline, suggesting economic or political factors impacting job growth.
  • APAC and LATAM: Show stability with no significant changes, reflecting steady job markets.

Within the US, states like California, Washington, and Florida posted significant increases in advertised roles, highlighting regional hotspots for employment growth.

5. Top Countries by New Job Postings

With millions of data points across international markets, Aura’s platform allows for granular analysis of job market trends across different countries. This helps businesses respond to international labor market fluctuations, enabling more informed strategic decisions on a global scale.

Country-specific data provides insights into global job market dynamics:

  • United States: Leading with a 7.6% increase, reflecting a recovery and growth in job creation.
  • India: Noteworthy 19% decrease, indicating potential contraction
  • France and Germany: Experienced declines, suggesting potential economic challenges or labor market adjustments.

Using Workforce Intelligence to Get Ahead

Staying ahead of workforce and labor market trends and macro-changes isn’t just advantageous—it’s essential for success. Management consultants, investment firms, and internal enterprise organizational management benefit from the continuous insights provided by Aura’s workforce intelligence platform.

Understanding and adapting to these pivotal shifts allows your organization to navigate challenges and seize new opportunities in the competitive corporate ecosystem. With Aura’s cutting-edge platform, you can unlock powerful insights, make informed decisions, and propel your business forward confidently.


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